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The Adult Programs at East West Martial Arts will BLOW you away with our wide variety of Fitness and Self-Defense options!

At East West Karate in Vancouver Washington we incorporate many different disciplines into our Adult and Teen martial arts programs. We keep the energy high, the training rigorous (we take into account the physical shape you may be in), the classes motivating and the fun OVER THE TOP! The instructors at East West Martial Arts want you to literally “BE ALL YOU CAN BE!” You’ll have a blast learning excellent self defense techniques while being on your way to becoming more physically fit. We’re sure we have a super exciting program to fit any lifestyle or busy schedule.

At East West Martial Arts of Vancouver, Washington every one of our fantastic classes includes:

  1. A Great Stress Relieving workout, See you later – TENSION!
  2. Much Improved Physical Fitness – Feel the weight melting AWAY!
  3. Ways to Gain the mental edge – Develop a Teflon EXTERIOR!
  4. Powerful Self Defense Platform – Feel CONDIDENT in your ABILITIES!
  5. The most HIGHLY trained instruction team in the Industry!

Krav Maga

Military and Law enforcement agencies of a lot of different nations are incorporating Krav Maga into the regimen of their respective agents and officer’s self defense training. Krav Maga is a system developed by the Israeli Military and a very practical way for YOU to defend yourself. This system is designed for you to be able to strike furiously, immeadiately gain the upper hand even when at a disadvantage and to eliminate the threat to yourself as quickly as possible. The combative techniques of Krav Maga will increase your stamina, overall fitness and give you a very real confidence that you are able to protect yourself if the need were to ever arise.

"Since starting classes at East West Martial Arts, our children are not only learning valuable skills in martial arts and self defense, they are working on physical fitness and given opportunities for personal development and goal-setting. Our oldest son has been demonstrating more perseverance and focus in class, which translate to home and school.  Our daughter was too shy to high-five her instructors at first, but in time, gained their trust and became brave enough to return the gesture.  Both are developing better discipline and experiencing good sportsmanship through participation in class.  We have noticed a boost in self-confidence, as shown by their eagerness to enter their first tournament, which they enjoyed.  Overall, our children have fun in their martial arts classes.  We are truly impressed with the patience and dedication of the staff at East West Martial Arts, and their enthusiasm to teach makes learning fun." - C. McCutcheon

Students of Krav Maga develop total physical fitness, body control and power; learn the use of weapons and fighting strategies for a real world personal self defense system that is hard to beat.  

SO, Don’t Delay – Call Today!

We offer trial lessons for any of our programs so that you can experience what we offer and we’re sure you’ll see that WE ARE THE SCHOOL FOR YOUR FAMILY! Call 360-693-5425 TODAY and one of our friendly team members will be happy to set an appointment for you.

We can’t wait to introduce YOUR family to OURS!
See you this week!


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